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The Importance of Prescribed Medication

When you’re diagnosed with a chronic or acute illness, sustain an injury, or develop a health condition, you’re most likely to be prescribed certain medication by a healthcare professional. The purpose of this prescribed medication is to alleviate your symptoms and promote healing. Healthcare providers prescribe certain dosages of relevant medicines to help with illness or injury recovery, and give specific instructions on the administration of the medication as part of their treatment plans.

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However, many patients don’t follow these instructions. This may be due to several reasons. They may not have understood the directions provided, may have discontinued after experiencing unpleasant side-effects, or may not have found the medication to be effective. Forgetfulness, high costs of prescribed medication, and the increased inaccessibility toward it may also contribute to this. Whatever their reasons may be, they end up diverging from the healthcare instructions they were provided.

Unfortunately, this can take a toll on their health. If you want to get the best results from your medication, you need to adhere to the directions you were given. This is especially critical for controlling chronic conditions, and is also necessary for recovering from temporary conditions.

This means you need to take the right dosage in the right way, at the right time. It also means you need to continue taking the prescribed medication for as long as your doctor has instructed, without improvising the dosage or duration on your own. Following these directions will improve your overall health and will help ease your symptoms.

Consult an Online Doctor for Prescriptions

Want to get an online prescription? Our physicians can help.

At TelMDCare, we offer online doctor consultations and prescriptions. You can book an appointment with our internal medicine doctor and discuss your medical condition in detail for a prescription renewal. The medication refills are provided under our physician's discretion, and our doctor will conduct an online assessment before issuing or prescribing medicine. We provide online prescriptions for previously diagnosed psychiatric conditions as well, including dose adjustment.

Please note that there are certain medications that cannot be prescribed by our online doctor, such as and controlled substances like codeine-containing medications, Adderall, Adipex-P (phentermine), Ambien, Fioricet and Klonopin. Go to the FAQs to find the full list of medications that we cannot prescribe.

Following and renewing medication prescriptions just got easier. Reach out to our team at TelMDCare today for more details!

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